Working with oils absolutely changed my world.

The endless search of capturing nature either in the morning light, the sparkle in someone’s eyes or even the quiet breeze that barely touches the bay, give me reason to yearn for the stroke of my brush.

In addition to nature, Byzantine art with all its mysticism has played an important role for me historically, and to my life as an artist.

I am awed by the mystery of how creation occurs. My hope is that my work can speak for itself, I let the viewer absorb its story and create one’s own understanding.

September 2013 a dream came true, I spent two glorious months with Ron on the island of Poros
(See blog: Autumn in Poros). Autumn in Poros

The first morning we woke up and went outside on the glorious veranda overlooking the Saronic Golf
tears covered my face, it was the most phenomenal vista nature could possibly gift us with.

I could not wait to paint and attempt the unattainable capturing this wonder of nature. You can view some of these paintings in my landscapes.
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Check it out:
I just did a few studies with Acrylics on Board for the upcoming Oktoberfest at the "Church of the Messiah" October 18, 2014. Hope you can join in touch fun and lots of fine Art!