6/14/18: Check my Abstract Galery, I have added a new piece, 24 × 42 Oil on Canvas.

5/6/18: The studio has been open, so happy about it. I have been working on some new work and looking forward to sharing it soon.

10/17: Looks like all studios will re open by November, stay tuned.

8/17: A few weeks ago, there was a fire in part of the building, thankfully my studio is just fine,
I will let you know shortly when it will re open after the repairs take place!

My studio in Philadelphia is located at the same building as the "Vox Populi Gallery", at 319 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. My studio is on the 5th floor.


The endless search of capturing nature either in the morning light, the sparkle in someone’s eyes or even the quiet breeze that barely touches the bay, gives me reason to yearn for the stroke of my brush.

In addition to nature, Byzantine art with all its mysticism has played an important role in shaping my view of history, artistic expression and my life as an artist.

For the last six years I have spent two glorious months on the island of Poros in Greece. My time there has given me the opportunity to work in plein air while spending time at my original home of Greece as the subject of my most recent landscape series. This series seeks to capture the multitude of colors, textures, and compositions of this unique Mediterranean landscape.

This site shares with you my early works to my most recent including figurative, landscape, abstract and iconographic compositions. I welcome your feedback and any inquiries about any of the work here or potential commissions.